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The Evil Eyebrow is the personal webspace of Bill Ruhsam. This area tends to contain personal observations and opinions. Nothing here should be taken as the policy or official opinion of any organization or person, including the author. You can find some of Bill’s professional blogging and podcasting at Talking Traffic.

Bill is a professional engineer specializing in traffic engineering, transportation, and project management. If you’re interested in that aspect of his life, definitely go to Talking Traffic.

He is married to Jennifer Bowie, a Usability and User Experience professional currently working for AT&T. Bill is a volunteer with the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club, maintaining a 1.2 mile section of the trail in Georgia. He is an extremely amateur photographer and science fiction fan. He spends way too much of his time training for triathlons and other races.

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3 Responses to About

  1. Jeanette says:


    we even like you up North!

  2. Hi, Bill,

    While suffering from a prolonged bout of rage over the foolishness of those who would rather have their children die from perfectly preventable childhood diseases rather than be subject to the faintest of possibilities that they might, perchance, be autistic, I discovered your blog post. I like it so much that I think I’m going to quote it, and have to ask your permission. I’m thrilled to have discovered your blog. Many thanks in advance (note that I’m thumpingly cheerful about the prospect of receiving said permission), especially for the link that allows me to determine if/when my cats will kill me. Oh, yes, and Anathem.

    Sincerely, tpc

  3. Er … there’s a reason for proofreading. Two rathers in a row. I grovel in the gravel. I also plead massive drug intake and interference. Of the prescription variety, of course.