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DragonCon Rooms!

I have that most precious of commodities: A spare Dragon Con hotel room in one of the main con hotels. Two actually! We got five rooms last year (because we expected to use them, we’re not hoarding) but turns out … Continue reading

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DragonCon 2013

Jennifer and I took ourselves and Griffin to DragonCon yesterday. It’s been our standard Labor Day weekend activity since 2005. This year was going to be a bit different as we’d decided last year that we were going to skip … Continue reading

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Wheel of Time Final Book

I mentioned in my Dragon*Con montage that I went to see Brandon Sanderson read from the final book of the Wheel of Time. This was the only thing I did at Dragon*Con where I waited in line1. In fact, I … Continue reading

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Dragon Con 2012!

Soon. So soon. Dragon*Con is approaching. Once again I’m gathering the troops. Once again Adam Baldwin is coming, but will he actually arrive, and not cancel at the last minute? Will I survive another four days of 4 AM to … Continue reading

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Things of Note

Dragon*Con is coming! We have 17 people coming in from out of state. I should get a tax credit for boosting the local economy Jenn and I are starting a new podcast. First episode will be up on Friday, September … Continue reading

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The Extraordinary Contraptions

I don’t push these guys (The Extraordinary Contraptions!) just because they’re my friends. I do it because I like they’re music. For proof, I offer Exhibit A. My iTunes library sorted by number of Plays: Go now and check out … Continue reading

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Dragon*Con 2010

I am returned from another year of Dragon*Con. As I posted to my twitter stream, I believe I left everything on the field. The last several years of Dragon*Con have been all about the night life for me, which means … Continue reading

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Dragon*Con 2009 is Over

Dragon*Con was a blast, as always. Here’s some images. I’ll blog more later. I’m tired at the moment. Eleven hours of sleep over three days is tough.

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John Scalzi in the Man!

John Scalzi was at Dragon*Con this year, promoting his latest book, Zoe’s Tale. In his reading session on Sunday, he read the first chapter of High Castle. Hi-freaking-larious! I’m 100% certain that the chapter would not have been as funny … Continue reading

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Saturday Chores

The Saturday/weekend following Dragon*Con is usually about catching up on stuff that hasn’t been caught up on in a while1. Case in point, shining shoes. I take reasonably good care of my shoes, but I don’t work in an office … Continue reading

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