What I Learned in 2021 Week 10

  1. We have been lied to by all our health classes in High School. The Great Sperm Race is…a bit over-masculinized.
Screenshot of an iPhone showing a message, "Volume Should Be Turned Down: Based on your headphone usage over the last seven days, you've exceeded the recommended..."
  1. The new iOS update, or maybe my new phone, now forces the volume down when it detects that the headphone usage has been too high. I applaud apple for watching out for everyone’s hearing; that’s a good thing. I was going to be all upset about this because this message popping up is due to my bluetooth line-in plug for my car. And that needs to be volume 100%. Every time it popped yesterday on my longer drive it would turn down the volume. That was highly irritating.
  2. Turns out the iOS volume monitoring for bluetooth can be adjusted by assigning different categories to the bluetooth devices that are connected. All I had to do was assign the car bluetooth as “car stereo” rather than headphones. Works like a charm.
  3. “Bluetooth” should be capitalized, but I refuse. Bluetooth has become like xerox and kleenex and frisbee. It’s too ubiquitous for me to capitalize it.
  4. Speaking of bluetooth, I also learned that good-quality noise-cancelling headphones are amazeballs.

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