What I Learned in 2021 Week 9

A picture of a kitty litter box adorning a tile bathroom floor.
Retraining the cat to pee here, not over there —>
  1. When you have a cat who gets a perineal urethostomy he might just decide to pee on anything everything. Casualties so far: Bean bag. various piles of clothes.
  2. How to backup your iPhone using iTunes to a place not on your local hard drive. Because if you have a 256 GB iPhone and only a 400 GB hard drive, that won’t work after a while. Make sure you follow ALL the instructions.
  3. Moving over 100,000 images from various locations on various hard drives and external hard drives into a brand new, Lightroom-managed photo catalog, and creating all their thumbnails takes three full days of computer time on my computer. But hey, now everything is in one spot, thank god.
  4. On the same theme, Lightroom is currently moving at a pace to do the auto face recognition thing on 100k photos in about 5 days of run time.
  5. Lots of other things I didn’t write down.
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