What I Learned in 2021 Week 6

  1. I randomly capitalize “Learned” in my titling of these posts. See the What I Learned posts 1-5.
  2. There is a new Blue pigment out there.
  3. This week (last week by the time this is published) was not a good week for Apollo Bowie (all the pets have Jenn’s last name). He was vomiting and lethargic. We took him in and he was diagnosed with bladder stones, requiring surgery. He had that surgery, but then a small stone became so lodged in his urethra that the only want to save him was perineal urethrostomy surgery, a procedure where they remove part of the urethra (basically the penis) and then reattach it to the skin expel urine directly. So my “I learned this” for this post is about that surgery, and that male cats get screwed by evolution by having a urethra that narrows at the penis in a way that kills them. That’s just great. Apollo had the surgery on Friday, came home Saturday, and seems to be doing well as of today, the following Thursday. He is not liking being confined to one room, let me tell you that. We thought for a while that we would not be seeing our cat again, and we’re very happy to be wrong.
A picture of our cat, Apollo, on the floor being petted.
Apollo Bowie. Home after a night at critical care, post surgery.
  1. Cats and Lawyers. Apparently the Zoom Cat Lawyer might be a real dick.
  1. hoodigoodljaf. It’s been a tough week.

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