What I learned in 2021 Week 5

Photo of a very red/orang/purple sunrise.
Good Morning

1: Elon Musk continues to be a crybaby billionaire. We need less of those. Billionaires, not crybabys.

2: Tim Hartford, who I know about through the Cautionary Tales podcast has a book coming out, The Data Detective. I know about that through the Cautionary Tales Podcast where he publishes an excerpt from the audio book. Go have a listen.

Tim Hartford is a wonderful storyteller with his material and I highly recommend him to you.

3: Landscaping services are expensive! I didn’t really learn that, but it was reiterated to me yesterday. I had the landscaping firm that did our grass and our retaining wall come out and talk possibilities, including a fence for a dog and boy howdy…

Creekstone Landscapes is our people and they do good work. Joe Vollero came out and gave me great order of magnitude estimates for a bunch of stuff and we’ll see what we end up doing later.

4: Online historic maps are awesome. Here are the Sanborn fire insurance maps.

Seriously, go check out those maps for your favorite town. Here’s one that shows the fire damage from the 1917 Great Atlanta Fire.

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