What I learned in 2021 Week 1

Griffin lying on the examination table at his pediatrician.
Griffin lying on the examination table at his pediatrician

Griffin calls the examination table at his Dr. the “healing table.” I is ded of cute.

I can’t go one day in the new year without screwing up the date.

There’s such a thing as self-healing concrete, and that titanium dioxide added to concrete will make it self-cleaning

“Mayor Pete” Buttigieg says he’ll do something about the years of racist transportation funding priorities that have disproportionately impacted the poor and black and other POC.

I learned about linktr.ee, a problematic link-shortening website that (apparently) was designed for Instagram. I missed it because I’m not on Instagram. (Twitter! LinkedIn (ugh)!) I’m not on Facebook because I deleted it. I have other social media accounts (reddit, pinterest, but I never use them.

The South Pole is ceremonial marked every year and the previous marker is retired to a glass case in the science station.

The word “prolix.” See the first sentence of Part I, Background. From Merriam-Webster, “Marked by or using an excess of words.”

That Trump is still a lying liar who lies because he can’t understand a world where he isn’t right, even when he’s wrong, but it’s not like we didn’t know that and if you voted for him in 2016 you’re either willfully blind, a bigot and racist, or both. [no citations because, jesus who needs them except for the willfully blind, see above]

And, apparently, civil insurrection and the despoiling of our federal legislature is what we’re doing now.

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