Working from Home

Icy Driveway

As we are in the midst of Atlanta Snowpocalypse II: The Bride of Snowpocalypse, neither Jenn nor I have gone to work for two days. This was anticipated on both sides with Home Depot closing their offices yesterday and half of today and my work basically telling me to “be smart” and “work from home as much as possible.”

That work from home as much as possible has been interesting. You may recall that I no longer have an office and while the current arrangement sharing an office/guest room with Jenn works, it doesn’t work well when I need to spread out a bit and do, you know, actual work work. Work for which I am paid.

This wouldn’t be an issue in days past because I’d just set up in the living room or dining room and go to town. Alas, there’s this baby-sized distraction named Griffin who desires attention and care. It would be much easier if I could say, “Woman! Care for the bambino while I manfully earn our living!” Except her response would be, “Bastard! I earn half this living and get over here and change this diaper!” Then she would withhold marital relations for a month.

Suffice to say that while I am working these two snow days, I can’t call them exceptionally productive.

Besides, there’s an adorable baby.

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