Neighborhood Fun

Some of you reading this may disagree on the amusement aspect of the described events, but let me emphasize up front that the parties involved made/make every effort to discourage people from unsafe decisions.


I live in a neighborhood that looks like this when it snows. We don’t get snow very often here in the northern Atlanta suburb that is Cobb County. When we do, you wait for it to melt. There aren’t enough snow treatment equipment to deal with every secondary and tertiary road out there. That’s just a fact of the budgetary process and the likelihood of winter storms around here.

Just up the road, the road I and Jenn would normally use to get home, there’s a hill. Here’s the view from the top.


It’s steep and you don’t want to be using it during an ice condition. That doesn’t stop everyone. When I got home on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning from my 15 hour commute, I passed near this hill and saw around eight cars piled into ditches on it. Here’s the view from the bottom on Wednesday evening after some cleanup had occurred.


Where does the neighborhood amusement come in? At the top of the hill, the local homeowners come out when it gets like this and put up cones and signs that say, in no uncertain terms, DO NOT USE THIS HILL. They also stand out there and tell people to not do it. They invite people to walk to the top of the hill and look before deciding to go. There is, after all, other ways to get down to the bottom of the hill. I used one of those alternate routes on Wednesday morning. But, just because people are warned repeatedly doesn’t mean they won’t try it anyhow. So they have a block party, to watch kids sled on the other hills, and to see if people will do stupid things (like use that hill).


After someone crashes, they go help out.

I don’t know about you, but even if I were determined to get down that hill, if I saw a bunch of people standing around with hot chocolate and beers, anxiously anticipating my decision, watching for me to do something, I’d probably think twice about my decision.

Yes, I meant it when I said it took me 15 hours to get home on Tuesday/Wednesday. If you haven’t followed the news, read here or just do a google search.

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