Talking Traffic?

The Talking Traffic Podcast has been languishing. It’s time to do something with it, or KILL IT DEAD. I have not yet decided which to do. One of my goals over the holiday break is to make that decision. I commit that by January 15, I’ll either have a plan, or I’ll have shuttered the poor, benighted podcast.

You can see from the chart that the most productive time in its life was back in 2007-2008. I had started off the podcast aiming for an episode every two weeks or so. I managed that for a while but then I obviously had a falling off. For one thing, podcasts take time to create, record, and produce. For another, by the nature of Talking Traffic, I hit a lot of the low-hanging fruit early and had to be more creative as time went on.

I’m posting this here, rather than at Talking Traffic, to avoid any teasery updates over there until and unless I decide that it’s a going concern. The next posting at Talking Traffic will either by a podcast or a “kill your darlings” notice. We shall see.

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