Another Hat!

After I finished my own knit hat, I still had plenty of yarn leftover so I decided to make a matching one for Griffin. That will be cute for Thanksgiving1 and I can call it a learning experience after he’s grown out of it.

Now it’s done!


It’s a bit lumpy due to my inexperience working with double point needles. The “corners” where I transferred from one needle to the other are obvious. Also, it doesn’t quite fit Griffin’s head. I measured his head circumference and compared it to mine, based on the first had I knit. Using that reference, I knit him a hat that will be good for about another month or so.

I’m happy with how this came out. Again, as a third effort, it’s perfectly acceptable, although it won’t be winning any contests.

Here is a link to the ravelry page, but as you have to have an account to view that, I’ll also place the pattern I used below.

Hat for Griffin

I borrowed this pattern from the site listed, but I had to make some modifications once I’d got it put together. For one thing, I feel the pattern is ambiguously described, so you’ll have to make your own decisions about it anyway. For another, it only works if you cast on a multiple of 11 stitches. Otherwise, you have to modify it.

So, my pattern ended up being:

Cast on 50 stitches for a 16” round hat
Work 1×1 rib for 6 rounds with size 8 needles
Work stockinette for 1 3/4”
Row 1: *k8 k2tog*
Row 2 (and all even rows): k around
Row 3: *k7 k2tog*
Row 5: *k6 k2tog*
Row 7: *k5 k2tog*
Row 9: *k4 k2tog*
Row 10-14: k around 5 times
Row15: *k3 k2tog*
Row 16-20: k around 5 times
Row 21: *k2 ktog*
Row 22-33: k around 12 times
Row 34: *k1 ktog*
Row 35-46: k around 12 times
Row 47: *k2tog*
Row 48: k2tog k2tog k
icord to the length you desire

  1. It is! I waited too long for this post and Thanksgiving was yesterday []
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