Look! An Advertisement!

Some of you may have wondered what that last post was all about. After all, it just doesn’t sound like me. And you’d be right! It’s a paid advertisement is what it is!

I’m happy to accept an amount of money that pays for the Eyebrow’s yearly server costs to host a sponsored posting. It’s blatantly commercial but it’s also not stupid like a lot of banner advertisements are. I’m happy to sell out in this little way.

I’ve contemplated doing ads on The Eyebrow off and on over the years. At the moment, there’s insufficient traffic to justify putting up banner ads or other click-through-model payout advertisements. And in all honestly, the costs for hosting we pay are not that bad when you buy the longest-range package from Dreamhost.

But if someone comes and asks to pay me, I’ll certainly seriously consider it.

So, enjoy my first paid advertisement. I’m officially a professional blogger now, just like my one photo sale makes me an official professional photographer.

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