Lantern Idea


This image I took at the Atlanta Beltline Lantern Parade last Saturday has inspired me to do a lantern for next year. Notably, a Creeper from Minecraft. The reason for the inspiration can be seen in the left-center of the image. The little glowy-green sphere is Creeper.

I hateses these guys.

I hateses these guys.

Minecraft is a wonderfully fun and addictive game where you build stuff and dig and can do basically anything you want to; there’s no set goal. A Creeper is a thing that comes out at night and, if you get close to it, sneaks up on you and blows up, taking you and the immediate vicinity with it.

A Creeper lantern or costume should be fairly easy as they’re blocky. No curves required. And I can carry a maraca or rain stick to simulate the “sssssssss” noise they make as the approach to detonate. Could be something for Dragon*Con, too!

If I get to making it, I’ll post pictures (of course).

Update: Griffin could be dressed as a Chicken!

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