DragonCon 2013

2013-09-01 20.00.15

Jennifer and I took ourselves and Griffin to DragonCon yesterday. It’s been our standard Labor Day weekend activity since 2005. This year was going to be a bit different as we’d decided last year that we were going to skip this DragonCon and go to WorldCon in San Antonio, instead. Alas, a certain someone put the kabosh on travel plans around now. So as we’d be in town we decided to head down there for an afternoon and evening to keep the streak going.

Chris and Kristin

We saw our friends Kristin and Chris Schierer who rocked their costume awesomeness as usual. We tortured poor Griffin by hauling his sleeping body around in a carrier all evening and taking crazy pictures of him and with him. Somewhere out there is a (staged) picture of me with a beer on his (covered) head. I’m sure it’ll turn up on facebook or flickr sometime.

We had fun and we’re looking forward to being back for the whole weekend next year, this time with a one-year-old.

More pictures up at the photo set. Including this one which is my favorite recent picture of the three of us.

2013-09-01 14.22.45

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