Griffin Ruhsam: The Birthing Team


If you’ve been following my Twitter stream, or looking at Flickr, or receiving texted images over the last few days, you will have met the birthing team. Of most importance, of course, is Jenn and Griffin, and I had some small role in helping out, but let me introduce you to Jessica Stansel and Jacob Hollis. Literally, I don’t think we could have done this without them. They were both there to help out with Jenn during labor, assist with fetch and carry tasks, hold hands, stay with Jenn while I was in the NICU with Griffin, hold Griffin while Jenn and I rested, fetched food, assisted in hand-feeding, basically doing everything that would have been extremely difficult for two people, especially one who has a bad back. We love these guys and we’re privileged to have them by our side to help out.

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