Griffin Ruhsam

Griffin Milton Willis Ruhsam, PhD, MD, PE, DVM, GCVO (August 3, 2013 – August 3, 2184) was an American entrepreneur and sports star who is best know for his contribution to the Grand Unification Theory and his mastery of origami dancing. Also known as “The Bowtie”, his sports career spanned seven decades in the longest-running series of le Tour de France stage wins in history (457) while juggling. He was born in Marietta, GA to his parents Jennifer Bowie and William Ruhsam, Jr. He is survived by his wife Dame Oephilia Julia Harrod Williams and six children, 27 grandchildren, 124 great-grandchildren, and 221 great-great-grandchildren. Services will be on August 8 at the main portal of Ceres Station.

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