Recent Cellphone Pics

Because I’m sitting in a chair, waiting for my oil to be changed, here are some recent cellphone snaps.

This phenomenon is known as goat-track, also known as footpath-without-sidewalk. The fascinating thing about this, and a call for citizens to be active with their local DOTs is that this unpaved section was about 100 feet long and could easily have been filled. There isn’t any engineering issues with going out and paving it. Why hasn’t it been done? No one pushed for it.

I renewed my GA drivers license yesterday. I’d heard horror stories about the hassle having to upgrade to RealID standards. Going on a Friday afternoon in Norcross, with a Passport, a social security card, a utility bill, and my existing license, I was in and out in 38 minutes. Excellent.

It’s been raining like Noah’s Bad Day for about two weeks. We get the occasional rainbow.

Jenn and I celebrated our tenth anniversary last night! We went out to Chops in Buckhead and entertained ourselves by timing her contractions.

I’ve been taping, and at least skimming, all the Tour de France stages since stage 7. It’s (of course) making me want to ride, which I can’t do because of my back. Sad panda.

They put the craziest warnings on baby products. What lawsuit made this company apply the warning, “KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE” on their bath towel? How about, “DO NOT INSERT IN TOASTER”? Seems about as likely.

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