Twitter is Absorbing my Blogging


I’ve been less prolific on the Eyebrow of late. Many reasons, of course, such as BABYBABYBABYBABY and etc.

However, I’ve also detected a strong trend toward microblogging in my current work/life/phone/fun balance. With a few exceptions such as posting some good images (which I haven’t been doing much recently) and the occasional longer piece, I’ve just not been feeling the need to open up the computer when I can just hit the phone and throw something up on the twitters.

(There’s something to be said for compressing a thought into 140 characters. Or it says something that most of our thoughts can be compressed into 140 characters.)

Part of this lack of blogging recently has been due to the BABYBABYBABY thing because I figure you don’t want to be overwhelmed with baby stuff. Another reason is because with my back issues still ongoing, I’m often worn out at the end of the day and just not in the mood to dump stuff out of my head into a browser. While blogging ain’t hard, it does require more oomph than MONKEY HITS RT ON PHONE. Also due to the back issues, I’ve found myself parked on the couch more often and Twitter just naturally occupies time when I’m not reading a book or watching Le Tour.

So, in case you’re not following me on Twitter, I’m @bruhsam. A lot of my stuff is there.

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