Play Ball!

Jenn and I attended the 2013 Braves home opener last Monday. The Braves beat the Phillies 7 to 5 with three home runs. It was a fun game to watch.

I took some pics. Here’s a selection. More can be found at my flickr account.


The groundskeeper spent a good 20 minutes crafting the lines around home plate before the game. He was meticulous. Precise. 10 minutes into play it looked like this.

It's a Hit

Baby’s first baseball game.

Baby Pic

When the Kiss Cam™ came on, I told Jenn that if they focused on us, I was going to kiss the girl next to me on the other side. Said girl giggled.

Kiss Cam

When the Braves came on the field, they blew a buch of streamers in the outfield to celebrate. The streamers remained, dangling from the TV cameras, for the rest of the game.

Here they Come

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