Google Maps Mystery

Today I chased myself down a rabbit hole and haven’t emerged yet. Consequently I’m calling for help.

I was poking around Google Maps when I noticed a large grey-shaded area near where I live, shown in this screen capture. I have no idea what this is.

Google Maps Mystery1

Let me eliminate some things for you so you’re not throwing items at me that are irrelevant:

  • This area does not correspond to any administrative boundary such as a county or a city, or set of counties or cities
  • This area isn’t a large commercial district
  • This area is not owned by the government or part of a military reservation or whatever.
  • This area is not the center of a local zombie incursion

The shaded area represents a largely residential area of north Cobb and south Cherokee counties. here are commercial areas, but nothing humongous.  I have no idea what this is. Is it simply an error, or a joke on Google’s part?1

So what is this? Prize to the winner.

  1. This led me down the second rabbit hole of the day: it took until now for me to realize that Google Maps doesn’t have a legend. Weird, huh? []
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2 Responses to Google Maps Mystery

  1. Bill Ruhsam says:

    Steph: It’s subtle, but stands out once you notice it. Especially for people who live around here who know that area. It would be like having a an airport that crossed the Merrimack and took in parts of Nashua, Lichfield, and Merrimack.

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