More Jukebox the Ghost!

The aforementioned Ticketmaster purchase was for tickets to see Jukebox the Ghost perform here in Atlanta next month.  We saw them in November, but they were the opener so we didn’t get the full experience. This time, they’re headlining, and I can’t wait.

These guys are two of my favorite things in bands: Excellent musicians and wonderful performing live. I highly recommend their music, and if you can get to one of their live performances you should do that too. They’re dymamic and fun.

This video of theirs, from their second album, gives a good feel for their basic music and what they’re like live.

The second one is from their latest album and while I’m not a fan of the video, this is one of the better songs on the album. My recommendation is listen without watching, then you won’t be tainted by the imagery.


My acquaintances know that I’d never plug a band this hard unless I truly thought their music was exceptional. Local Atlanta peeps should attend and support these phenomenal musicians. Others should buy their music. 

You should also go to their concerts for the simple reason that I doubt they’ll be playing such intimate venues for much longer.

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