A Way to Lose Customers

A good way to lose customers is this.

Quicken declares I must upgrade to keep online download services.

I converted to Quicken a few years ago because Microsoft Money was discontinued. Now I’m told that if I don’t purchase the software again, I will not be able to use it anymore (without the online downloading of data, it’s useless to me). They’ve conveniently allowed me to have a $10 discount due to my owning a current version, so instead of $70, it’s only $60.

This is annoying. In fact, I’ll go with, “Fuck you, Quicken.”

I could stand them demanding a yearly fee for providing support for online services, however I question that this requires much effort on their part. In fact my price point on this would be around $10. $60 is screwing me, and I don’t like it.

Now I have a decision to make. Stick with a company I feel is screwing me, or go with someone else.

To be continued.

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