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Georgia Politics Getting off to a Fun Start

The 2013 Georgia legislative session is on and things are happening. However those things have been overshadowed by the announcement that two term US Senator Saxby Chambliss will decline to run for reelection in 2014. This means that what was … Continue reading

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More Jukebox the Ghost!

The aforementioned Ticketmaster purchase was for tickets to see Jukebox the Ghost perform here in Atlanta next month.  We saw them in November, but they were the opener so we didn’t get the full experience. This time, they’re headlining, and … Continue reading

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Psychology and Selling

I imagine someone spoke with a psychologist before selling this clever (and evil) marketing technique. If you can’t see the image, it’s a CAPTCHA for Ticketmaster that is an advertisement for Dish Network. In order to correctly fill out the … Continue reading

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Looking on the Brightside

I was thinking after my last post that I rarely give any publicity when I receive satisfactory customer service from the large monopolistic companies that control my every waking moment. While I don’t feel that they need it, really, I … Continue reading

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Comcast Nibbling

I recently had occasion to call Comcast to fix something on my monthly bill. While on the phone I said (paraphrasing) “My service is expensive. What can I do to make it less expensive?” I was presented with the COMCAST … Continue reading

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Aren’t you Glad you’re Not Climbing Mt. Washington?

I certainly am glad I’m not. -22 degrees Farenheit and -67 windchill? That’s a bit nippy for me. weather panel; see home or weather pages for text display

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Because Cats

Because my last couple posts have been depressing, I present cats.

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A Lesson and a Memory

Last week I tweeted these messages: You know what’s a good way to ruin my day but yours more? Jaywalk across Holcomb Bridge Road at night in the rain during rush hour. January 17, 2013 No, I did not strike … Continue reading

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A Way to Lose Customers

A good way to lose customers is this. I converted to Quicken a few years ago because Microsoft Money was discontinued. Now I’m told that if I don’t purchase the software again, I will not be able to use it … Continue reading

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Prepping for Eagle

Today I’m in Tulsa for my nephews’ Eagle Scout Court of Honor. The troop here makes a large event of their Eagle ceremonies and will have several scouts receive their ranks at the same time, so both nephews here, and … Continue reading

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