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I’m Glad They Marked This Down

Because I don’t think I could afford to buy more than one or two of these. Seriously, what sort of crazy screw-up or bug had this posted at $263?

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Unit Use

I find it interesting the different units used in different industries and for different products. For example, I learned today that dehumidifiers are rated in pints of capacity. Not quarts, or gallons, or liters, but pints. We ran into something … Continue reading

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The Snake Story

Yesterday I had a spider incident. In the text of that post, I mentioned a snake incident. This particular snake incident will probably top all other pest-related stories in my lifetime (it has so far) so in order for you … Continue reading

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Worst Thing Ever

The worst thing in the history of the world happened to me today. I’m talking worse than the Nazis and worse than asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. It was a thing of such epic ickiness that I’m having difficulty not … Continue reading

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It’s a Frog? It’s a Spaceship? No, It’s a Baby!

Today is a banner day! We celebrate the first picture of the newest addition to the Jenn-Bill collective! I am reliably informed that this image is of a developing human being; I will trust the experts. Jenn is due on … Continue reading

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