Jenn’s Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake by Jacob Hollis

For birthdays in the Ruhsam/Bowie household, cakes are provided. This is traditional of course, and we try to make sure it happens in some manner. She or I will make a cake for the other.

This year, on the run-up to Jenn’s birthday, our friend Jacob asked me a question. “Bill, is it important to you that you make Jenn’s birthday cake?”

To which I responded, “I’m a project manager. It’s my job to ensure that a cake arrives, not necessarily to be the one producing it.” Thusly divesting myself of the usual job of actually baking said cake.

Jacob, I may not have mentioned, is almost finished with culinary school here in town and knows what he’s doing. I was glad to pass the buck graciously allow Jacob to build the multi-layered buttercream raspberry-ganache chocolate cake. It was wonderful and tasty and way too many calories.

Jacob Hollis and birthday cake goodness

He also makes wonderful cupcakes, which Jenn hired him to do for her last CAbi party. If you’re local and you need some food stuffs of this nature, I’d recommend contacting him.


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