New York City Marathon


I’m still shocked by the decision to cancel the New York City Marathon. Yesterday on Twitter I said it was like cancelling the BCS championship game, but I think that’s a bad metaphor. It’s like cancelling the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

It’s not just about the sporting event. This means that additional revenues brought in by the runners, spectators, vendors, etc., won’t be coming into the city. On the flip side, the police and other city employees who are busy cleaning up and recovering from the storm will not now be diverted to race preparation and protection.

I understand the decision, but I’m still shocked.

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2 Responses to New York City Marathon

  1. Cindy says:

    Itsn’t there the problem that there won’t be any place for the spectators/runners or venders to stay because everything has pretty much been blown away.

  2. Bill Ruhsam says:

    That’s a valid point, except that given the race was cancelled on Friday evening, I’m betting a good number of people were already there, or in transit.

    When we go to marathons, we’re there on Friday, and we’re not atypical.

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