I’ve been going through a period lately where I feel that I don’t have any time at all to do things. This is largely self-inflicted (of course) but things that are important to me that I’ve not been keeping a good handle on include:

  • Blogging. Yeah, haven’t been doing much of that recently. This could be more generally stated as simply “writing.”
  • Photography. Other than Dragon*Con and the trip to France, I haven’t pulled out the camera in ages.
  • Reading. Honestly, with few exceptions I haven’t read anything new in months.
  • House work. Been totally sucking at that recently. Enough so that we’re getting a maid service in here and I just paid a guy $500 to do the 2.5 years of neglected yard work.
  • Friendships. Again, other than Dragon*Con I haven’t seen some people around here in months.

It’s not like I’ve not been doing things. It’s curious what can happen to the time you spend when you’re busy doing the wake, eat, work, repeat thing. Looking around my office, I realize once again that I’ve got too much stuff going on and I need to refocus.

So, I’m doing another housecleaning of hobbies. If I’m not actively going to do something or likely to in the next month, it’s gone. Good bye, arduino. Good bye, papercraft mechas. Good bye these books here that I picked up thinking I’d read someday (several years ago). Gotta just declutter this stuff and do the things I want to be good at. If something doesn’t have a place, it’s going to get one, or it’s going to get gone.

It’ll be nice to have clear horizontal space in the office again, and to know what it is I should be focusing some time on. This all reminds me of this comic, which I hope to emulate.

This process should be done in a day or so. Anyone need an arduino?

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