Times I’m Depressed to be surrounded by “Conservatives”


There are times when I just don’t understand conservative thought. I fully acknowledge that I am in the liberal camp when it comes to social issues, but I respect that there is room for disagreement on those1. I also have some issues (but not as many) with espoused conservative tax policy, but in that case I heartily understand that there is enormous room for disagreements (and that nobody will know who’s right, ever).

However, when it comes to things like this, I question the sanity of the people around me. From the AJC’s Jim Galloway:

Republican members of the state Senate have received an invitation from Majority Leader Chip Rogers of Woodstock to attend a four-hour, Oct. 11 seminar at the state Capitol on Agenda 21 – what some conservatives believe to be a United Nations-driven conspiracy to erase American property rights.

Zoning as a socialist plot, in other words.

Go to the link, or read the whole memo.

There are only a few things where I will state categorically that someone is really, really stupid. Most of them have to do with holding an opinion entirely without respect for the overwhelming evidence. 9-11 conspiracy theorists; moon landing hoaxers; birthers; reiki practitioners; and Agenda 21 nutjobs.

If you don’t know what Agenda 21 conspiracy theorists think, I can summarize it’s ludicrousness in one sentence: The United Nations is destroying the U.S. and its autonomy through local zoning boards.

Yes, that’s what it all boils down to. The United Nations’ diabolical plan to take over your sidewalks. It’s ridiculous on the face because all of these same people would, in a different context, say that the UN is a powerless and toothless body, so why bother funding it? Also, why do these people think that this sort of thing could be concealed? It’s mind-boggling?2

I’ve made the statement before that this is a binary solution set: They’re either ignorant buffoons who truly believes this shit, or They’re callow hypocritical louts who’re pandering to their base. Neither of which makes me think They’re worthy of the elective office they hold.

And I’m surrounded by them.

While I think it’s better to try and enact change from within, it’s still depressing at times to look at local and state leaders and realize that a majority of them are idiots.

  1. even if they’re all wrong []
  2. I’m obviously captured by the system. Just call me Sheeple. []
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