International Charges on Phones

Holy crap.

Today I activated the international plan on our phones so that we can use them when we’re in France. I probably should have gone to the bank beforehand to get a loan because oh my god it’s expensive!

Sprint charges these rates:

  • Voice: $1.49/min.
  • Data Pricing: $0.019/KB
  • Special Data Pricing: International Data Pack Add-on
  • Text Pricing: Send: $0.50/recipient; Received: $0.05/msg

If you do the quick math, that means I’d pay approximately $19 for every picture message I send. If I get the add-on international data package, I get an 80 MB allowance for $80. After which it’s $10 per MB.

This feels like rape. Is it rape? Surely it cannot cost this much to operate data transfers internationally.

So it looks like I’ll be turning off the phone for the entire trip. The only time I’ll turn it on is when I know I have wifi that I can use, and even then, I’ll have to pop the sim card so I don’t receive any texts or data. I’d have to look up what my normal daily usage is, but at these rates we’d be into the thousands of dollars without much effort.

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