Running while Listening

I ran a looong 10 miles today and as I sometimes do, I pulled up Usurpers by Derek Zumsteg and read by Steve Eley of Escape Pod.1 I’ve listened to this story at least twenty times since it first was published by Escape Pod in 2008. This story is perfect for me to listen to while I run because at its core it’s about an athlete who dedicates his life to winning one race. Nothing will get in his way; everything else is subsumed.

If you go and listen to it, have no fear; I’m not King2. I don’t think I’m King. I have no desire to be King. However it is highly motivating to listen to the narration of a character who does only one thing, and that one thing he does very, very well. It’s a great story for pulling you through 20 minutes of a hard run because no matter how hard your run is, King’s is harder.

  1. I suppose I should note that there are plenty of F-bombs in this story. []
  2. Central character of the story. []
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