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Château Versailles

It’s a palace. It’s majestic and imposing. It also had some interesting items.

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Every time we turn around, or walk past a side street, there is architecture. Old architecture. This is the Luxor obelisk, erected on the spot of Place de la Concorde where Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were executed.

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Evening on des Champs Élysées

Last night we walked the Champs Élysées from the Arc de Triomphe to the Louvre. We window shopped, ate dinner (drank wine) saw the Louvre from the outside and got rained on. Today it’s back to the Louvre for art … Continue reading

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I’m having way too much fun observing signage.

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Notes Dame

Notes Dame cathedral is impressive. More so on a Sunday during messe.

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Night one: Wander and Wine

What do you do when you just spent 14 hours getting from A to B? You test out your mangled French on a server who doesn’t speak English, drink wine, and wander around (and sleep). Yes, I know it’s obvious, … Continue reading

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We Are in Paris

We are here! First few nights are off Le Place des Vosges.

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We’re Off! To France! Woo!

What the title says. More updates when we get to the other side of the pond.

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Did Romney Swiftboat Himself?

Governor Romney is being blasted in the media for the leaked video of him describing a demographic that he’s choosing not to campaign for. Whether you feel that this is right or wrong, we should acknowledge the reality that yes, … Continue reading

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International Charges on Phones

Holy crap. Today I activated the international plan on our phones so that we can use them when we’re in France. I probably should have gone to the bank beforehand to get a loan because oh my god it’s expensive! … Continue reading

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