I did some blog administration today, with a bunch of behind-the-scenes updates and changes, most of which won’t be noticeable. However, there are three new things that will directly impact you, the user (assuming you read the site, rather than an rss feed).

Image 3

  1. There’s now an official contact form on the site, so you don’t have to send me email if you want to fire off a private message.
  2. There is also a “related content” plugin which will display on the sidebar of individual posts (not the main page). Supposedly it will give you content from the blog that is relevant to the posting. We’ll see. From the example shown, it seems a bit random, but I’ll grant that the particular post doesn’t give the algorithm much to go on. If nothing else, it should help people explore the archives.
  3. The Evil Eyebrow is now mobile! No longer do you have to deal with a crappily-formatted-for-phone website. You should be getting a nice neat mobile experience. Let me know if you do not.

I’ve been meaning to make this site mobile for a while, and whilst I was at it, I figured I’d take care of a bunch of other items as well.

That’s it. You can return to you regularly scheduled web experience.

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