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Manhole Dangers

Watch out for loose manhole covers. That manhole cover probably weighs more than 100 pounds. The Georgia DOT standard for one that’s in traffic is 135.

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Pomplamoose Knocks it Clean

I love Pomplamoose’s videos. They make good stuff. They just released their tribute to Batman by covering the theme music. I say just because they delayed it due to the Aurora shootings. They explain their reasoning, and why they ended … Continue reading

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Dragon*Con 2011 Images

I finally got around to tagging and uploading Dragon*Con images from last year. Flickr has the collection. Enjoy.

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Making it Easier to Get Things Done

I’ve been a proponent of some of the Getting Things Done philosophy since I read the book many moons ago. The book is an excellent organizational tool or system, depending on your needs, and it has served me well. I … Continue reading

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Behind on my Header Images

I was preparing a new header image for the Eyebrow today and noticed that I hadn’t put up three others from over a year ago! So, today you get a four-fer, with no extra charge. Introducing headers 23 through 26, … Continue reading

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Happy Caturday (On Sunday)

Everybody needs some cat pictures. If you don’t follow me on twitter, make sure you check out Meowbify for some crazy cat image replacement fun. For once, the cats stood still reasonably well for portraiture.

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New Running Shoes and why QR Codes are Stupid

I inaugurated my new running shoes yesterday. On the left are the 407.03 mile-old Brooks and on the right are the brand spanking new (6 miles old) Brooks. The old pair lasted a year+ which is a bit longer than … Continue reading

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I did some blog administration today, with a bunch of behind-the-scenes updates and changes, most of which won’t be noticeable. However, there are three new things that will directly impact you, the user (assuming you read the site, rather than … Continue reading

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Back From St. Simons

Much to tell, but here’s a picture from Wednesday afternoon.

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Best Ribbon Evar

I’m at a conference, and this is the conference chair’s badge. I love it.

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