Appalachian Trail Visit

I visited my section of the Appalachian Trail yesterday to do basic maintenance. I spent a lot of sweat and effort cleaning water bars on one way through, and then trimming back encroaching vegetation on the way back.

The one complaint I have about being a section overseer is that it’s your job to do the boring, repetitive stuff. In order to do the fun things (new trail, new steps, other things) you have to go to the Third Saturday Work Trip or make additional trips up. I have to go back up (and I’m bringing other people, volunteers requested) to repaint the blazes through my section and to do more major water bar repair. Given the current state of my back, I need help to do water bar construction and repair, unless I want to only do two, and call it good. Unfortunately, my section needs about 8 to 10 water bar installations or rebuilds. I can’t do that by myself.

Here are some pics from the trip. More are available at the flickr set.

Trail Sign

Double Blaze

I hate this stuff!

Poison Ivy

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