Euphoria Burn 2012

It was happenstance that we both found out about the Euphoria event and were able to get tickets. It was whimsical to go but, “What the hell?” we thought, “Let’s go!” So we did.

I’m hardly the expert on burns, but the way I’ve been describing them is “regional clones of Burning Man” which you may be familiar with. You know…Nevada desert. Instant city. Thousands of people. Burning effigy in the shape of a man. That thing. They apparently do them all over the place.  I had no idea.

We had a blast, even though we were only present for a little more than 24 hours. We got there on Saturday morning and enjoyed the day and then witnessed the spectacular craziness of burning the effigy.

I deliberately left the camera in the tent so that I could focus on activities instead of photography, but I did get one picture that encapsulates the event.


We’ve got tickets to go to a larger event in the same location at the end of September. Next time we’ll at least be out there on Friday afternoon.

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