Ashford Dunwoody Diverging Diamond: Day 2

From my sources, Day 2 of the diverging diamond operations are going well. I’ve been on the phone with various people to discuss if there are ways we can change up the striping or signing of the interchange to make it more efficient. After all, this is brand new to all of us and we’ve learned things just in the last couple days.

Here are a before and after photo of the bridge for your enjoyment. Unless some exciting events happen, I don’t plan to keep deluging you with daily updates on the DDI, that’s what twitter is for1. I do have some posts coming that will discuss some specific items like the pedestrian walkway and some of the construction challenges. And I’ll keep putting up pictures. Stay tuned.

Ashford Dunwoody over I-285, Looking North from Lake Hearn Drive

Ashford Dunwoody over I-285, After DDI configuration change, looking north from Lake Hearn Drive.

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