Diverging Diamond Construction Work Ahead of Schedule

Two men putting a stop bar down on the diverging diamond

As of last night, the construction during the weekend closure of Ashford Dunwoody bridge was ahead of schedule. With the weather almost perfect for what they needed, the contractor1 should have the work completed and the bridge reopened ahead of their 5:00 AM Monday morning deadline. In fact, it should be significantly ahead, although I won’t speak for them. A lot of things can happen in 12 hours to delay a project. Let’s just say I’ll be back this evening with hopes.

The image you see above is a striping team putting down water-based paint for one of the stop bars. When you place water-based stripe, you also have to put glass beads on top, for the retroreflectivity. Thus, the hand toss shown.

  1. E.R. Snell of Lawrenceville []
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