Ashford Dunwoody Closure Going Well

First night of construction on Ashford Dunwoody Bridge road closure

At least, it was going well when I left last night at midnight. It’s been 15 hours since then, and I haven’t been back yet, so who knows? Maybe the bridge fell down (I doubt it; I probably would have heard about it).

Everybody and their sister is covering or commenting on this, which is very exciting! I plan to go back out to the site tonight around 7:00 or so to see how things are going.

One of the interesting items here is that, while my stamp is on the construction plans, I really have very little to do with the project any more. With a Design-Bid-Build process, the engineer (that would be Moreland Altobelli) does the design work, GDOT submits the bid documents, and the contractor does the building. The only time I get involved is when there’s a question on our plans.

I happen to be familiar with all the people who are working to make the construction process a success, but I’m just a spectator right now. However, I also happen to be the person who already has two engagements for presentations on Georgia Diverging Diamond Lessons Learned, so it behooves me to get back out there and learn some lessons.

I’ll be out there tonight, and tomorrow night, and Monday morning when it’s open to traffic. Looks successful so far!

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