Tonight is the Night

Ashford Dunwoody Ramp "A"

Tonight at 9:00, that excavator you see in the image will start digging into the bank you also see in the image. By midnight, the surface will be level with the pavement you see, and the loop ramp from Ashford Dunwoody Road to I-285 eastbound will be no more (I refer you to other images I posted on Wednesday).

I’ll be on the project site off and on all weekend. While I have no control or responsibility here (I was the designer, but I’m not involved with construction beyond occasionally answering questions) this is the first diverging diamond in Georgia and I am very interested in how it turns out, obviously. I’m also slated to give at least two presentations this summer about what we learned during the process. Thusly, I should be on site to learn.

Expect some photos and dialogue on Monday, when the interchange is open and operating.

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