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Healthcare Day of Days

Today is a significant day for our Country. That might seem hyperbolic, but it’s not. Think about it. What happens today, when the Supreme Court announces its ruling (about 1.5 hours from now) will have an effect on our healthcare, … Continue reading

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From the Archives: Ego Searches

In what will be a recurring series, I’m randomly1 going back through the archives of the Eyebrow and blogging about things that were. Where I find something fun and interesting, I’ll note that. Where I find something I said that … Continue reading

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Visit to Huntsville

Last weekend we trekked out to Huntsville, Alabama to visit our friends Jaeme and Chris Case, and their children Melina and Teagan. We spent a lot of time chatting and watching movies and eating very yummy food. And playing with … Continue reading

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New Point and Shoot

I have a new Canon camera.1 For those days when sticking an SLR in your pocket just doesn’t work. As is required by internet law, the first picture was of a cat. Two cats. Two cats who refuse to stand … Continue reading

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Georgia Diverging Diamond Number Two

Speaking of diverging diamonds, the second one in the state of Georgia was approved last night by the Gwinnett County Commission. Pleasant Hill Road over I-85 will be a DDI within a year. I didn’t design this one, but I … Continue reading

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Yesterday I had two people post links on a Facebook discussion regarding the Ashford Dunwoody diverging diamond. Apparently this drove a lot of traffic. In fact, it upped my site traffic by 1.5 orders of magnitude. So, welcome everyone! Here … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Hacked!

The Eyebrow got hacked sometime recently. It was pointed out to me today by a kind commenter. I believe I’ve slain the beast, but to be double sure I’m going to make some upgrades. This will include changing up the … Continue reading

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Canon EF 85 mm f/1.8 Brief Review

Brief Review: I like it. It’s quick and sharp and light. Oh yeah, and it takes good pictures in low light. Less brief review: My workhorse lens is the EFS 17-55mm f/2.8 IS, shown to the right of the EF … Continue reading

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Roller Derby!

I saw my first Roller Derby bouts last night. I was familiar with the basics before attending, but it was a good thing I knew people who both play and referee, because I had numerous technical questions concerning the rules. … Continue reading

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Appalachian Trail Visit

I visited my section of the Appalachian Trail yesterday to do basic maintenance. I spent a lot of sweat and effort cleaning water bars on one way through, and then trimming back encroaching vegetation on the way back. The one … Continue reading

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