Bait and Switch

If you were downloading some freeware to try out, and you received this screen,
where would you click to download?

Download Bitching

Would you click down there on the itty bitty text that says “download installation package”, or would you click on the enormous blue DOWNLOAD?

Yeah, me too. And then, once you’ve downloaded the innocuously named “setup” file, you’re taken through an installation that never identifies what it is you’re installing. So, unless you know how to find out on Windows what exactly it is you just installed, you’ll never know that you installed PDFCreator by accident.

So, the makers of PDFCreator get a big “bite me” from me. Thanks, guys.

Update: Wow. Not only did that mistake I made cause me some headscratching and having to uninstall PDFCreator, it also installed two different toolbars on my browswer and a third party “security” system called AVG. It took me two hours to figure out (through numerous searches) how to remove the AVG crap. It invaded my browser in ways that can only be fixed by going to the about:config settings and that’s just not right. So, bite me again PDFCreator, and a special bite everyone to AVG and all the other spamware that got loaded with it.

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