April Wrap; On to May

It’s the 27 26th, but it’s close enough to May 1 that I’m willing to talk about April in its entirety. Let’s see in the past month I have:

  • Brewed beer
  • Brewed more beer
  • Pulled back muscles so badly that I couldn’t walk upright for five days
  • Killed and killed again a subset of the poison ivy that rampantly grows on our property
  • Been amazed by the size and heft of the felines that occupy our house and graciously allow us to pet them
  • Not blogged very much
  • Seen several movies
  • Watched a great deal of Warehouse 13
  • Started playing Minecraft again
  • Generally lived suburban American professional life with all of its attendant chores, tasks, processes

For May I’ve set a couple goals. One of them is to write a bit more consistently. Most of the writing I’ve been doing has been for work and honestly most of that isn’t exactly scratching the writing itch. I’ve put together a list of blog fodder topics which I plan to hit. A number of them are things I’ve already had on the docket (beer, poison ivy, cats) but as noted hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I also plan to put out a call for random topics to write on. That will be announced shortly. There is no set word count for a day; I’m not going to set myself up for an arbitrary goal that I might find it difficult at times to meet. However, there should be a lot more content on the blog in May and if not, well you know I’m not hitting this goal.

Another goal will be to heal. I’ve had some recently physical ailments which have required time and effort. A long-lasting rotator cuff thing and now a back thing. The only race I currently have scheduled is in August, but I need to be healthy for that.

A third goal will be to continue my existing goal of decluttering the house. This has been going on for a while and while adding new hobbies doesn’t help, at least I’ve made room for it through a concerted and successful garage cleaning effort.

On to May! Look for more stuff here at the land of random Bill-related-stuff!

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