RPI Hockey

As you are of course aware (because why wouldn’t you be?) the RPI Men’s hockey team has advanced to the second round of the ECAC tournament. We did so by beating rival Clarkson in three games. Now we play the best team of the season (Union) in the next round, with a best of three game series.

I’m not holding my breath.

RPI Hockey had a rough season this year. It wasn’t as epically horrible as the stretch from 2004 through 2008, but it was disappointing.

Having had a rink-side seat for the entirety of the seasons 1993 through 1997 during which I’m proud to have been a Manager of the Pep Band and journeyed to Wisconsin for one of RPI’s three recent NCAA appearances, I feel for the team, and for the students and other fans who have been standing by the team during this dark season. All I can say is Let’s Go Red! and hopefully they’ll pull it out this weekend.

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