Super Tuesday! And Alcohol!

In case you aren’t paying attention, Super Tuesday, the conglomeration of several different states’ primaries where the largest individual lump of delegates are awarded, is this coming week. I happen to live in one of those states, which leaves me a quandary:

  1. Do I vote for a republican candidate that I could actually see being in office? -or-
  2. Do I vote for the worst possible contender who would get so smeared in the general election that Abraham Lincoln would burrow out of his grave to smack around the GOP?

If the one, then I’ll try and give Romney a leg up. If the other, than it’s Santorum.

I’m sure I’ll figure it out by Tuesday.

This is also the day that a number of different jurisdictions around Metro Atlanta will be voting on whether to allow Sunday Sales1. I will be voting in favor. That way I can get my beer and wine when I do my normal weekly shopping trip, which happens to be on Sunday.

  1. Hah! Actually, “after church Sunday Sales” []
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