Rush Limbaugh is Done. Or Should Be

I will be the first person to acknowledge that we here in the United States are entitled to freedom of speech. I will also be the first to acknowledge that not everyone agrees with my own personal opinions regarding social justice or foreign policy or whatever. I will also acknowledge that some people find worth in listening to someone else rant about things they agree with.

To that end, I’ve always lumped Bill Maher, Sean Hannity, Michael Moore, and Rush Limbaugh into the same pile. They’re basically the same thing: entertainers who stretch the truth and embark on hyperbolic adventures to keep themselves employed.

However, I’ve never understood how people can listen to Rush Limbaugh and his hateful bile. The man doesn’t have opinions, he’s merely a parody of a conservative nut job. He has admitted as much by saying that his job is to make the listener mad.

Now he’s come out and called a woman a slut for being on birth control. He has officially moved beyond any possible reconciliation or apologetic explanation. The man is a cancer and I wish to hear no more about him. The best thing that could happen would be that I heard tomorrow his show was cancelled and he descended into obscurity, a footnote on the acerbic rancor that has so marked politics for the last 20 years.

Good night, Rush. So long. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass. And the rest of you who listen to his show, please stop.

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6 Responses to Rush Limbaugh is Done. Or Should Be

  1. Bill Ruhsam Sr says:

    I decided I can not let this go by. I agree with you that the four indivudals are entertainers and need to be taken with a grain of salt. However, where were you when Sarah Palin was being called names like slut?

  2. Bill Ruhsam says:

    Where I was when Sarah Palin was called a slut was apparently not watching David Letterman or the Wendy Williams Show, as those are the only two that I could find on a google search. However, if a purported liberal mouthpiece had called Governor Palin a slut in my awareness, I would certainly have decried that.

    This is a whole different ball of wax. Rush Limbaugh isn’t some random comedian without a political agenda beyond his ratings. He is supposedly the attack dog of conservatism, with the implied acceptance of the conservative republican community. If you let your attack dog bite people, you should put it down.

    There’s no way to spin this that doesn’t come out as “Rush is an asshole”. I don’t let assholes talk for me, and other people shouldn’t either.

  3. Bill Ruhsam Sr says:

    I said she was called names like slut. There also were spun nasty stories about her family. Rush Limbaugh’s major crime is that he used the language of the left.
    In the study of religion, you have to acknowedge that there is both a God and a Devil. In politics the same holds. As Cindy would say “Live with it”.

  4. Cindy says:

    I said that. Gee, I’m no Limbaugh fan and the only time I hear about him is when he pulls a major stunt like this. The person/people he was referring too were not celeberties( Sarah Palin is a celeberty and uses “secessationalism” both towards her and sling it to her advantage) they were people defending their right to a basic service. Birth Control in the modern world is a basic right whether you want to use it or not. Gee, doesn’t this make certain politicians look better than others. If I was a sitting politician looking to make myself look good wouldn’t I pick a topic that 90% of the population agrees with me and boy didn’t the other side play into my hands. Just a thought.

  5. Bill Ruhsam Sr says:

    Good point. When a politician cannot run on his record, they generate issues like this.

  6. Paul Graves says:

    “In the study of religion, you have to acknowledge that there is both a God and a Devil.” Really, you don’t. You’re abundantly betraying your ethnocentrism. Following this, people like Limbaugh make it seem like it’s okay to spout such misogynist vitriol. I fail to see how he has “used the language of the left.” The left doesn’t condone slut-shaming, and I’m pretty sure most people on the right don’t either. You’re building a straw-man by comparing this to whatever might have been said about Palin.

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