Long Time No Politics

It’s been since the 5th of this month since I didn’t post about politics. That’s way too long to go without a picture of one of my cats.
And you’ve not been treated to all the things I did in the past month and a half. I haven’t blogged about the social artwork class Jenn and I did this week…
Social Artwork

Brewing Class

…or the brewing class that David and I went to last week.

Nor have you heard much about my new car, all the things we did over Christmas, the two bags of trash I found on the AT, the doughnuts that Jenn and I made, the cat tree I made, how much the Christmas tree shed, or this last picture of some ornaments made by a friend of mine over the years (thanks Amy!).

New Car!
Merry Xmas
Trash on the AT
Cat Tree
Shedding Xmas Tree
A Selection of Ornaments

There’s been lots going on, and I really should be posting more about that than boring politics.

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