Georgia Legislative Action – Senate Resolutions

SR 728 – Call for National Moratorium on the Death Penalty. This basically says everything that the Senate Bill I mentioned in the last post does. See that post for details.

SB 730 – United Nations Agenda 21 is Insidious and Destructive. Honestly, I have no opinion on this one right now, but I’ll note that it’s centered around so called policies “…which would be accomplished by socialists and communist redistribution of wealth;” That triggers my Republican Nut Job radars. However, I’ll note that I’m not educated on this topic so it could very well be the base truth.

SB 715 – Call for Expansion and Redirection of H2A Guest Worker Program. This particular resolution is so steeped in irony that it’s particularly bitter to swallow. This lack of season workers in this state was directly caused by HB 87, passed last year, which did a number of things to drive seasonal workers, both documented and undocumented, out of the state. Good job, guys. The really ironic part about it is that Republican lawmakers from agricultural parts of the state basically said, “you’re killing us!” but they passed it anyway. Schadenfreude tastes weird sometimes.

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