Georgia Legislative Action – Senate Bills

SB 342 – Prohibition of the Death Penalty. I am philosophically in favor of the death penalty, as it is generally applied in the U.S., however I am procedurally opposed to it due to the number of people on death row who have been exonerated. Until you can guarantee 100% that everyone who is convicted of a capital crime is guilty guilty guilty, I will not support the death penalty. I am also positive that a 100% certainty rate is unachievable. Bill supports this legislation, however it’s probably DOA here in the Georgia Legislature because it has no Republican co-sponsors.

There are others that dropped this week that are of middling interest, however I note that most of them are Democratic bills without Republican co-sponsors. This here be politics at work and in this thoroughly red state (all branches of government are controlled by Republicans) Democratic ideals are not going to get a lot of traction this year.

There is SB 313 which will require public entities to explore private companies’ rates for broadband before enacting a public service. That’s somewhat interesting.

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