My Fondest Wish

I don’t care who wins the South Carolina Republican Primary. The Republicans are doing an excellent job singling out the Democratic talking points for the general election, no matter who is eventually nominated.

No, what I most want is for South Carolina to hand the win to someone who does not end up with the nomination.

I am heartily sick of hearing, “South Carolina has always selected the eventual nominee.” Who cares, and why does this matter? I have a huge multi-faceted rant that centers around how the current primary system is hugely disenfranchising to the individual party member, but this particular rant is about the entitlement that certain states1 feel about their roles in selecting the nation’s presidential candidates.

So, here is to SC’s pick going down in flames. That would make me a very schadenfreude kind of guy.

  1. Hello, Iowa and New Hampshire. You’re here too. []
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