More Georgia Legislative Action

These will just keep coming as the session wears on.

By the way, in my previous posting, I mentioned that I was only posting things “of interest”. I find things interesting if they are: insane; related to my field of work; particularly noteworthy; something I have some knowledge about; or just plain interesting. For example, you won’t find me commenting much on the various education bills because I have a dearth of knowledge surrounding those.

HR 1130 – Repeal the 17th Amendment. This one dropped yesterday. It’s another states’ rights bill. If you recall from civics, the 17th amendment set up the U.S. Senate to be elected directly, rather than appointed by the state legislatures. The bill sponsors apparently believe this is the reason behind today’s big government and the reduction in powers of individual states. If this is your opinion, then the bill is worthy, however some specific text inside it I found laughable:

WHEREAS, the restoration of the United States Constitution by repealing the Seventeenth Amendment would provide that the United States Senators be accountable to their respective state legislatures by whom they were elected;

I’m not sure how these newly appointed Senators would be more accountable. They’ll still serve 6 years, you guys, and I don’t remember any recall provisions in our constitution.

HB 735 – Weapons Training for Carry Licenses. This bill would require a person to have some training in their weapon of choice before being issued a carry license. I approve.

UPDATE: Jim Galloway of the AJC has something to say about the Repeal Resolution:

Five Republican members of the House – most, if not all, freshmen – have introduced a resolution demanding that the United States return to a system in which U.S. senators are selected by state legislatures. To save Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss all that fundraising, no doubt. The authors of H.R. 1130 are Kevin Cooke, R-Carrollton; Josh Clark, R-Buford;l Delvis Dutton, R-Glennville; Buzz Brockway, R-Lawrenceville; and Christian Coomer, R-Cartersville.

All of them live in a state that can’t even back away from electing a state school superintendent.

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